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DataPeer launches new corporate web site

Twin Cities, MN (Sept 1, 2007) – DataPeer on Friday unveiled a redesigned corporate Web site. Twin Cities based DataPeer said the new site is designed to introduce users to new communication services and introduce a new dynamic between buyer and seller that reflects the evolution and present scope of its business.

DataPeer’s Director of Technology, Jason Malacko said “The new site is just the first of many changes and launches we are planning for this year. We are excited about where our industry is headed and wanted to make sure we had a site that communicated who we are and where we are going”.

After recording breaking growth over the last few years, DataPeer is looking to take advantage of rapid changes in technology. Malacko added, “Technology now allows us to deliver richer partner and business experiences particularly when it comes to communications and telecommunications management.  With new frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django software solutions can be delivered much faster. Our new Web site is a part of our evolution to keep pace with this changing environment.”

Based in the Twin Cities, MN, DataPeer is a top telecommunication consulting and service provider agency.  DataPeer delivers communication solutions for small to medium sized businesses and emerging growth organizations. The company focuses on delivering focused solutions with predictable results.  For more information about DataPeer, visit (www.datapeer.net) or call 651-779-3004.