A holistic approach to communications

Holistic planning involves all disciplines, and in many cases requires people to have multiple skills that span different job roles. More than anything it’s about encouraging passionate expression of ideas, creating shared vision, and ongoing improvement. The reward for the effort is a better solution and communications strategy.

The DataPeer Process: A Holistic Approach

With hundreds of service providers and vendors to choose from, each offering dozens of different products and plans, the options for local, long distance and data services are mind–boggling. At DataPeer, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of the industry, so you get optimal services—at the best prices. DataPeer will assist you in selecting the right carriers for your individual business needs.

DataPeer’s 5 Step Approach

1. Assess Your Needs
We meet with you to discuss your business objectives and current services, as well as to learn more about your preferences and priorities. Once we understand your business goals, we begin a thorough review of your current voice and data services, providers, agreements, and bills.

2. Deliver Expert Analysis
We combine technical expertise with long–standing relationships with the industry’s leading service providers and decades of experience helping businesses improve their communications as we put together a plan tailored just for you.

3. Provide Options, You Decide
We outline your options and present a network recommendation that includes a clear forecast of your savings and communication strategy. We understand how your networks can improve your business — our recommendations take this into account and enable you to make an informed business decision.

4. Conduct “No Surprises” Order Coordination
We coordinate the implementation process for you, tracking your orders with guaranteed “No Surprises” scheduled updates to eliminate the hassles.

5. Work So You Can Relax and Save Money
We serve as your telecom advocate with the service providers you select. Your DataPeer account team is always available to answer your questions. And, we stay in touch — providing you with updates on new services and technologies as they emerge.

A Partner You Can Trust

Instead of trying to stay on top of the ever–changing plans, options and prices, you can rely on DataPeer for assessment, negotiation and selection. Our extensive industry experience and savvy contract skills allow us access to information across the country to aggressively negotiate the best vendor contract for your needs.

And DataPeer can maintain product and price integrity through ongoing telecommunications management services.