We are communication specialists

…but we don’t limit ourselves to business lines, local T1 or dedicated long distance. We’ve found that a comprehensive communication strategy, extends beyond basic telecom services.

Voice Services


DataPeer partners with incumbent and competitive carriers across the country. Regardless of your location, we offer a complete range of local services:

Business Lines
Lines with a fixed price point allowing unlimited local calls.
Local lines that offer some of the custom features of a PBX at a reduced cost. The cost for Centrex is typically lower by utilizing economies of scale.
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
Circuits for local lines that come in two basic speeds: 1) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) which is 144 kbps and designed for the desktop and 2) Primary Rate Interface (PRI) which is 1.544 Mbps and designed for telephone switches, computer telephony and voice processing systems.
Local T–1
Digital transmission link with a total signaling speed of 1.544 Mbps. A local T–1 is capable of supporting 24 simultaneous voice conversations.

Long Distance

Your company’s voice services are an essential component of your day–to–day business. DataPeer can optimize your service program to deliver the best combination of quality, cost and installation on services ranging from 1+ Long Distance (LD) and Toll Free to dedicated (T–1) services, including:

LD Dedicated
A telephone line going directly to the long distance carrier’s (POP), thereby bypassing the local telephone company and reducing the cost–per–minute on long distance calls, often referred to as T–1 or DS–3.
LD Switched
A long distance telephone call made over a standard local phone line.
Toll Free (800/888/877)
A toll-free telephone number is a special telephone number, in which the calling party is not charged for the call by the telephone operator. Instead the called party pays all of the charges for the call.

Conferencing (Audio, Video & Web)

Conferencing has long been an integral part of effective internal and external communications. But today’s enhanced functionality is expanding the way businesses view conferencing. It is now a strategic tool. If you need basic voice conferencing services, or are interested in utilizing conferencing on a broader scale, DataPeer can help.

Whether you need a quick, reservation–less connection with optional controls, or operator assistance with any number of features, our audio–conferencing providers have a comprehensive solution.
Exceptional quality, worldwide multipoint video–conferencing solutions with a sound infrastructure to support clean, clear connections.
Our Web–conferencing providers offer a full spectrum of services from simply sharing your presentation online to extensive collaboration possibilities.

DataPeer’s audio, video and Web conferencing providers deliver solutions with value–added services for large and small groups that lead to: