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Telecom costs represent the second or third highest variable expense for North American companies and, as a result, telecom expense management has become a vital need in business today.

Telecom Expense Management

Monitor, Manage and Control Your Telecom Costs with a Suite of Telemanagement Software Applications

Whether you are an executive or a telecom manager, you know that employee productivity and budget optimization are essential to your business. Yet, today’s telecom record–keeping is slowing your people down and hard–to–catch errors are costing you money.

Self serve or managed by DataPeer, our solution is a powerful, subscription–based online program that provides everything you need to get organized and reign in runaway telecom costs.

The average Fortune 500 Company reports that telecommunications and related network services are a top–line expense item. Some of the challenges in managing these expenses include decentralized spending, continually changing inventory, complex billing for a wide range of offerings, and baffling contracts with amendments that are difficult to understand.

Enterprises forfeit 12% to 18%, if they do not have a proactive approach to cost management that leverages technology and process improvements through business process outsourcing, hosted or licensed software. AberdeenGroup

Are you currently managing your wireless costs? Do you have spend visibility?

Can you reconcile all your telecom/IT assets against your vendor bills? Do you have a centralized database of all telecom/IT expenses and vendor contracts?

Are you able to reconcile invoices against contracts and usage?

A Telecom Expense Management System Will Help You Control

With corporate focus shifting based on a changing economy, “most companies are looking at wringing 10% to 25% out of communications costs over the next 12 to 24 months.” Gartner Research